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Check all new websites launched on the web and assess their nature

Get a daily updated list of new websites launched along with their country, market category, domain parking status, registration details (registrant name, email, etc.), website contact information, and more.

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Newly Created Websites Data Feed
231+ MCategorized websites
7,596+gTLDs & ccTLDs tracked
14+ yearsof data crawling


  • Fresh insights

    Our database of newly launched websites is updated daily with roughly 100,000 new properties added and 100,000 properties dropped. Each entry also includes relevant business information.

  • Detailed

    Every website is linked to its category, organization, website contact information, domain registrant information (name, email, etc.), registrar information, registration and expiration dates, parking status, DNS server, and more.

  • Flexible and easy to use

    Group your data feed by registrant country or countries of interest and by website category or categories such as shopping, autos and vehicles, and others. Data integration is made easier with normalized, well-parsed, and consistently formatted files in JSON or CSV.

  • Compatible

    Combine Newly Created Websites data feed with Whois API’s other products such as Domain Availability API or Registrant Alert API to get more insights and be ahead of the competition.

Practical usage

Tracking new websites launched is useful for registrars and domainers

Tracking new websites launched is useful for registrars and domainers

  • Data regarding new websites launched combined with extended site ownership information and the market category a website belongs to can help study TLD trends and determine new market niches that have investment potential.

Extended Market Intelligence

  • Monitor market trends in the niche of your business and look for new opportunities for growth.
  • Study the competition in a specific market niche before making important business decisions. Our Newly Created Websites data feed is a good starting point for further in-depth analysis of competitors.
  • Find out in advance about the potential launch of a competitor’s new product or service in your niche before it reaches the general public.
Extended Market Intelligence
Fuel SEO and marketing activities

Fuel SEO and marketing activities

  • Check our lists of newly expired websites with a large number of backlinks in the market category you are interested. A website with a good backlinking profile in a growing niche may have a lot of potential in the long run.

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